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A Timely Discussion About Multicultural Research

The recent release of the 2020 Census results has revealed that the U.S. is more diverse and multicultural than ever before.


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5 Digital Reality Checks

Mythbusting: Digital Assumptions About Kids and Families that are just Plain Wrong

April, 2015

The digital space is constantly changing the way today's kids play, learn and grow. And while it's a mistake to make light of the important opportunities that digital experiences create-for kids and for brands - it's critical to check our assumptions with information and insights that come from kids and families themselves.

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Glass In Qualitative Market Research / MRX Disruption!

Google Glass and Wearable Tech in Market Research: What's Working

November, 2014

C+R Research spent last spring and summer conducting market research with Google Glass. In this webinar, we will share our insights and experiences on using Google Glass as well as some alternative wearable devices that you can leverage in qualitative research.

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Understanding The Hispanic Shoppers' Digital Engagement

Understanding the Hispanic Shoppers' Digital Engagement

October, 2014

If your marketing does not include a digital experience, your strategy will eventually miss the mark, especially among Hispanics. In honor of National Hispanic Heritage month, join Jorge Martinez to discuss the important Hispanic market.

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Find the Future: Taking Stock in Today's Youth Trends

June, 2014

Whether you're goal is inspiring innovation, adding power to your promotional plans, or ensuring that your stories are "au currant," it's critical for youth marketers, researchers and content creators to go beyond their knowledge of the "now" when it comes to youth culture.

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Hispanics And The Holidays

How Hispanics Celebrate the Holidays

April, 2014

We take a deep look into the importance that Hispanics place on Mother's Day, how they celebrate it in the U.S. and the similarities and differences across acculturation levels.

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Testing Early Stage Creative?

Testing Early Stage Creative: Here's How to get it Right. And Get it Right Now.

March, 2014

Join us for a supercharged methodological overview of C+R Research's CopyIQ, an innovative online qualitative and quantitative approach to evaluate creative that cuts time, cost and uncertainty out of the process.

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Omni-Channel Marketing | Creating The Seamless Shopper Journey

Omni-Channel Marketing: Creating the Seamless Shopper Journey

February, 2014

How has this omni-channel retailing and marketing impacted shoppers? In this webinar, we provide you with a beacon for navigating your shoppers' journey.

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From "ME, ME, ME" to Mommy | The Shifting Story Of Millennial Motherhood

Making the Connection with Millennial Moms

January, 2014

If you're concerned with connecting with today's families or kids, tweens and teens, Millennial Moms are a unique subgroup of parents that matter. This youngest group of moms represents just one aspect of today's overall motherhood mix, but they are makin

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