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Micro Communities: Ideal for Generational Viewpoints

Join us for the next edition of our Emerge Smarter webinar series, where C+R’s Generational and Communities and Panels experts will discuss our newest offering in our Communities and Panels practic


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Online Communities

10 Best Practices to Maximize Your Ongoing Online Community

July, 2013

Usage of long-term online research communities is on the rise. However, sometimes you may struggle with the best way to effectively maximize ongoing online research communities, juggling to keep your stakeholders engaged with an abundance of research projects, engagement activities, and communications.

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It's All Over Their Faces

It's All Over Their Faces: How Facial Coding Tech can Reveal what Kids Really Think

June, 2013

Kids articulate themselves in a simpler manner than adults and may have difficulty recognizing or expressing complex thoughts or feelings. This is why in-person interviews such as focus groups remain a popular and necessary part of any youth-focused resea

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Turf And Beyond: Research Methods To Manage Product Assortment And Maximize Brand Share

TURF & Beyond: Research Techniques to Manage and Maximize Brand Share

May, 2013

Marketers and brand managers have been coming to market researchers for years to help them understand how the marketplace will react to a new product introduction, a line extension, etc. In this webinar, we share different approaches and techniques to eff

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Everyone Has An iPad

Everyone Has an IPad

April, 2013

When it comes to understanding youth and technology, it can be difficult to get your story straight. Data related to these digital natives changes quickly, and it can also be misleading.

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Mobile, In-Person And Online: Case Studies For Contemporizing Traditional Qualitative Research C+R Webinars  C+R Webinars

Contemporizing Traditional Qualitative Research

March, 2013

Amid the constant debate over the fate of traditional focus groups, researchers have found that online and mobile solutions are not a panacea. At C+R, we have been conducting an increasing number of hybrid methodologies to leverage the advantages and decr

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How Today's Mobile Trends Are Reshaping The Future Of Market Research

How Today's Mobile Trends are Shaping the Future of Marketing Research

February, 2013

U.S. consumers are rapidly acquiring new technology, particularly tablets, at a record-breaking pace. Even as we are still witnessing this major shift in personal computing, we can't help but speculate about how this trend will impact the future of data collection.

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LGBT Consumer Perspective

LGBT Perspectives: Narratives from an Untapped Segment

January, 2013

Have you wondered how targeted outreach to the LGBT community would work into your marketing plans? C+R Research and CMI represent two established research companies with unique and successful histories. Collaboratively, we help clients better understand

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Falling Dow + Rising Tao: What The Quest For Balance Means For Your Brand

What the Quest for Balance Means for Your Brand

December, 2012

Hard economic times have shifted the way consumers prioritize the pieces of their lives, and the way they select brands to help them walk their chosen path. Using mobile and video ethnography, we capture the latest balancing act and what it means for your

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