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A Timely Discussion About Multicultural Research

The recent release of the 2020 Census results has revealed that the U.S. is more diverse and multicultural than ever before.


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Mobile, In-Person And Online: Case Studies For Contemporizing Traditional Qualitative Research C+R Webinars  C+R Webinars

Contemporizing Traditional Qualitative Research

March, 2013

Amid the constant debate over the fate of traditional focus groups, researchers have found that online and mobile solutions are not a panacea. At C+R, we have been conducting an increasing number of hybrid methodologies to leverage the advantages and decr

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How Today's Mobile Trends Are Reshaping The Future Of Market Research

How Today's Mobile Trends are Shaping the Future of Marketing Research

February, 2013

U.S. consumers are rapidly acquiring new technology, particularly tablets, at a record-breaking pace. Even as we are still witnessing this major shift in personal computing, we can't help but speculate about how this trend will impact the future of data collection.

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LGBT Consumer Perspective

LGBT Perspectives: Narratives from an Untapped Segment

January, 2013

Have you wondered how targeted outreach to the LGBT community would work into your marketing plans? C+R Research and CMI represent two established research companies with unique and successful histories. Collaboratively, we help clients better understand

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Falling Dow + Rising Tao: What The Quest For Balance Means For Your Brand

What the Quest for Balance Means for Your Brand

December, 2012

Hard economic times have shifted the way consumers prioritize the pieces of their lives, and the way they select brands to help them walk their chosen path. Using mobile and video ethnography, we capture the latest balancing act and what it means for your

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Unleashing The Power Of Online Qualitative

Unleashing the Power of Advanced Online Qualitative Approaches

November, 2012

For much of the recent past, the paradigm for improving online qualitative research has focused on the fundamentals of project set-up and basic platform technologies. But what most researchers really want to know is: how can we use these tools and what are the results?

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Top 10 Best Practices From A Leader In Online Qual

The 10 Best Practices from a Leader in Online Qualitative

October, 2012

In the burgeoning field of online qual, success is more than just picking a platform. What we do to partner with clients and guide respondents is what makes our projects impactful.

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Putting The Preschool Market In Perspective

Insights into the Preschool Market

September, 2012

Today's preschoolers have much in common with the cohorts that came before them, but there's no denying that this generation of 2 to 5 year olds is experiencing the world differently than preschoolers of the past. To truly understand this market, it's important to rely on real data that reveals the way this group lives now.

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Filling Up The Shopping Cart | A Look At Bicultural Hispanic Shoppers

Filling up the Shopping Cart: A look at Bicultural Shoppers

August, 2012

It's no secret that the growth of the Hispanic market has been extraordinary. And just as importantly, the characteristics of the growth segment within the Hispanic market are reshaping this population as a whole. U.S. Hispanics are now younger, more multicultural, and exposed to more products.

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