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Interactive Query (IQ)

Interactive Query (IQ)/CopyIQ

When you are asked to test your early-stage creative—whether it’s rough cut ads, animatics, boards, scripts, packaging design and communications, or just positioning themes—you’re often faced with the difficult choice between using qualitative focus groups or a quantitative survey.

You might wonder:Interactive IQ

It could be. But, it depends on your campaign, media spend/vehicles, and if you do research, it must be done the right way.

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CopyIQ: The Perfect Blend of Qual and Quant to Test Creative

Whether you need to test rough-cut ads, finished commercials, storyboards, positioning themes or more, CopyIQ is the perfect method that marries qualitative and quantitative to get quick, comprehensive creative testing done at a fraction of the cost.

Testing Early Stage Creative?

Testing Early Stage Creative: Here's How to get it Right. And Get it Right Now.

Join us for a supercharged methodological overview of C+R Research's CopyIQ, an innovative online qualitative and quantitative approach to evaluate creative that cuts time, cost and uncertainty out of the process.

Bob Relihan, Senior Vice President

One of the more infuriating experiences a moderator can encounter in a focus group is the respondent who seems to be critical of everything. Show him advertising, and he will quibble about an adjective. Show him a new product, and he will question its quality. Show him a completely different product, and he will have another reservation--Or, exactly the same one. Behind the mirror, the observers are losing their patience.

Ding! Hitting The Sweet Spot With Your Marketing Communications

Hitting Your Message's Sweet Spot Through Online Creative Evaluation

Evaluating early stage creative can be full of challenges. CopyIQ exists to minimize them. As an online hybrid approach fueled by our years of experience in the development and assessment of advertising and other forms of marketing communications, it saves

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