Six Consumer Segments Your Brand Should Be Marketing To

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Brenda Hurley

Executive Vice President, C+R Alum

At C+R, we understand that every brand has its own unique consumer segment that it is trying to target. We also recognize that there may be a few consumer groups out there, that brands would like to be reaching and have as loyal customers, they just may not know the best way to market to them.

Following are some promising emerging consumer segments. These diverse groups span generations and cultures that brands should consider for their growth and buying power.

Below we’ve provided an intimate glimpse into the minds and behaviors of these six consumer segments, some of their defining qualities, and how to best reach them.

#1 – Health-Curious Millennial

As the Health-Curious Millennial transitions into adulthood, diet, exercise and lifestyle choices are becoming increasingly important. They know they need to establish better habits when itcomes to eating and being active, but have yet to settle on what’s right for them. This presents brands with a unique opportunity to be able to influence their decision-making process. Keep in mind that they’re focused on food labels and ingredients and are willing to pay a premium for CPG products that are natural and authentic. Brands that can enhance their quest for self-improvement will be the winners among this segment.

#2 – The New Independent

Today’s New Independent represents a group of single adults that now, for the first time in history, makes up a majority of the U.S. adult population. And yet, brands don’t currently do a great job of marketing to them. Contrary to the myths of the single consumer, the New Independents are socially active but not focused on settling down, are not struggling financially and, importantly, are keenly aware of the lack of products, marketing and communication geared to people like them. With the freedom to spend money how they want, New Independents are savvy shoppers just waiting to establish loyalty with brands that understand their lifestyle and cater to it.

#3 – The Cross-Cultural Millennial

Cross-Cultural Millennials identify as both American and with the ethnic roots of the heritage of their parents or grandparents, who are immigrants to the U.S. Having grown up in a household with brands from America and abroad, they have a unique brand awareness that transcends borders. Respect is the key to successfully targeting this segment. If they are going to adapt their consumer habits to favor American brands, the brand needs to authentically speak to their varied needs and lifestyle, as well as the cultures that they’ve grown up with.

#4 – The Gen Z Screenager

Gen Z Screenagers are among today’s youngest consumers, but they are gaining financial independence, and now is the right time to establish loyalty with this segment. Gen Z Screenagers are even more plugged in than their millennial counterparts and are constantly keeping up with their friends on social media and going online to learn about anything and everything. Despite learning about items they would like to purchase online to help inform their purchase decision, they still prefer to shop in person. Their loyalty goes to brands that understand their emotional needs and values, and they appreciate brands that have a charitable component to their business model.

#5 – The Millennial Parents

The Millennial Parents put their children first. Their kids are the center of their world, and they love brands that recognize and emphasize this. They also embrace the idea that there isn’t one right way to live, work, or raise their kids, and they don’t take themselves too seriously as parents. They look for brands that can add to and enhance the journey of raising their children. That might mean helping to make their child’s second birthday an unforgettable one. They favor brands that teach philanthropy and work to do good in the world, so they can teach their children about the value of helping others.

#6 The Free Bird

Free Birds are part of the changing face of retirement in the U.S. They’re Baby Boomers who are using their freedom as a way to engage with family and friends, travel and make purchase decisions that focus solely on themselves. This includes exploring new restaurants and taking part in adult-only travel activities that span from cruises to vacation packages. They are generating demand for a new style of living that keeps them connected to friends, family, and community. The combination of being healthy, living longer, and having reliable savings is redefining how brands talk to this retirement age segment.

At C+R Research, we have research experts for these segments and others that are dedicated to studying and better understanding consumers like these. We can help you gain the deep insights needed to connect and form meaningful relationships with the segments that matter most to you.

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