We Live in an Ethnically Diverse World. Where Are You on Your Multicultural Journey?

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Mimie Lund

Vice President, In-Person Qualitative Research

C+R’s multicultural research team, CultureBeat, believes that answering this question and many others sets the groundwork for cultural understanding. The Cultural Discovery Series is a collection of carefully curated historical facts, cultural tidbits, data and insights on various ethnic groups and is designed for us to support and guide your immersion and also walk alongside you, no matter where you and your teams find yourselves along your multicultural research journey.

The Cultural Discovery Series is developed from a combination of multicultural research insights and experience, proprietary, secondary, and syndicated data, trends work, and brand case studies. This dynamic series of immersive presentations is designed to provide foundational context and a deeper, holistic understanding of the cultural mindsets and pivotal insights of many key U.S. population segments, including Black/African American, Asian, Hispanic, and LGBTQ+. 

What Multicultural Marketing Topics Will Be Covered In Our Cultural Discovery Series?

Each chapter in the Cultural Discovery Series will help build corporate empathy that will provide meaningful context to drive culturally relevant, impactful market research strategies, innovations, and marketing communication. 

Cultural Discovery Series Chapters include:  

  • Ethnic demographic snapshots
  • Culturally historical timelines
  • Contextual influences 

This series consists of thoughtfully chosen “deep dives” on culturally relevant topics with nuanced dissections of each ethnic cohort. The topics include:

  • generational insights
  • intersectionality
  • challenges
  • buying power and habits
  • engagement best practices 
  • guardrails for communication

Designed to level the playing field of multicultural understanding, these immersive series can also include modules with custom-tailored category insights and thought-starters relevant to your specific business. 

Here’s a snapshot of the multicultural marketing research content you’ll find in each series:

We would love to take this cultural journey with you – let us know how we can help.  


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