A YouthBeat® Spotlight Starring Black Teens

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Mary McIlrath

Senior Vice President, C+R Alum

We’re proud to release our newest eBook at YouthBeat®, partnering with our CultureBeat colleagues, focusing on the Black teen experience.  Some of our data depict this segment as less advantaged than their Non-Hispanic White and Hispanic counterparts.  At the same time, Black teens exhibit the most civic involvement of any group—heralding their hope for the future.  Their parents are on board too, wanting to offer their children health and safety, balancing indulgence and tough love as they bring up the next generation.  Our YouthBeat data show a great deal of texture and nuance within the Black teen community, and we are pleased to honor them here.

Click here to download our eBook: A YouthBeat® Spotlight Starring Black Teens

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