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Global Expertise for Global Markets.

Prominent businesses trying to establish or increase their global presence know they must first understand the consumer and shopper experience around the world. Our research team helps global companies gain insights to inform what their brands need in order to grow, or strengthen, their global customer bases.

We design custom global research projects based on your brand's unique needs, dovetailing custom methods and approaches to generate understanding from around the world. We use sophisticated thinking to weave local data points into cohesive, simple truths. . It's strategy that is more than the sum of its knowledge points.

We have a rich portfolio of international experience.

C+R has global expertise across a number of industries. Our YouthBeat Global syndicated report is just one example of the marriage of our population-specific expertise with our global methodological reach.

We partner with the most resourceful and ethical local recruiters and moderators.

We have trusted partners all over the world who are qualitative and quantitative field specialists and work with moderators who not only speak the language of the people you want to better understand, but are also steeped in local culture and customs. We are hands-on for every global research project, every step of the way.

Whether your research project requires information from one country or ten, we work on-site with our partners to ensure we gather the insights you need. For qualitative studies, we listen to the translator or analyze the transcripts in conjunction with our local moderator. We always have the local moderator compose their findings to provide critical cultural nuances that help you understand the impact of everything happening during the qualitative research process.

Our analytics team elevates individual country reports into actionable, strategic global presentations.

With best-in-class partners at the local level and strategic theorists at our Chicago-based headquarters, we take all of the reports and provide our clients with one master report. Our in-depth reporting identifies the common strategic pillars across regions or countries and also outlines market-specific shades of meaning that impact implications for local business applications.

We do the heavy lifting, elevating a range of local insights into actionable recommendations, so that our clients don't have to sift through a number of individual reports to discover key interconnected information. Understanding cultural differences around the world can be a challenge, but we make it easy for our clients. Excellence in study design and fieldwork. Fresh analytic thinking that separates local from global implications. That's the C+R global difference.


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