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Families are complicated. We make understanding them simple.

To create products, messages, and experiences that truly resonate with today's youth and families requires in-depth, authentic understanding of their social, emotional, cognitive, moral, and physical mindsets at every age.

It means acknowledging that being in the youth and family space is fundamentally different than your work in other markets. The lessons you've learned don't apply in quite the same way. The frameworks you use to model success might require re-imagining.

To support our clients' needs, we provide a variety of services and products:

Custom Qualitative and Quantitative Research: Specialized Solutions to Help You Steer Your Youth and Family Businesses in the Right Direction

The methods and approaches that have worked for you might not work with an audience whose view of the world and communication needs are very different.

  • Our significant institutional knowledge about kids, coupled with experienced practitioners (including moderators with the gift and talent to connect with kids, tweens and teens and elicit insight from them), makes our custom research of the highest quality.
  • We have the know-how and experience to adapt and adjust traditional methodologies in age/culture-appropriate ways.


  • KidzEyes is a COPPA-compliant panel consisting of more than 25,000 youth ranging in age from 6 to 12 years.
  • TeensEyes is an online panel consisting of more than 25,000 teens that are 13 to 18 years old.
  • ParentSpeak is an online community that enables us to access moms and dads across the U.S., encompassing children of all ages

Insight Institute: A Curriculum that Creates Youth and Family Experts Among Your Own Team

A series of presentations on topics that equip marketers, researchers, planners, and content creators with a deep understanding of the most important topics related to youth and families; designed for organizations that are seeking inspiration and information over time. A few of our titles include:

  • Gen Z: Shattering Stereotypes of a New Generation
  • The Shifting Story of Millennial Parenthood
  • Trending Truths of Youth Media Use
  • Youth 411

For more information about YouthBeat, click here.

Why C+R?

C+R Research has been involved in the youth space for more than 30 years, and we offer a full range of immersive, qualitative and quantitative solutions. We approach our work with kids, tweens, teens and their parents with an eye towards more than just selecting the best methods. Making meaningful connections with them necessitates a level of knowledge that goes beyond knowing simply what's popular to having a deep-seated knowledge of what matters to them in terms of growth and development, relationships and friendships--as well as play and joy. It means going beyond what they tell us shapes their lives to knowing the role that culture and history have played in our understanding of them.

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