Consumer Connections Live Panel #2

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About This Webinar

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Second Consumer Panel… New Consumers… New Questions

Due to the overwhelming response to our first live consumer panel on March 26th, we hosted a second panel with new consumers on April 2nd! We heard from a lot of you that it was such a great way to hear from consumers. In this hour-long discussion, you’ll learn how Americans are feeling, how their behaviors are evolving, what they are discovering that’s new to them and much more! Download our Podcast to hear the entire discussion or watch our 2-minute video showcasing the highlights.

Thank you to everyone who submitted great questions for our first panel! Like you, we are very interested in how the state of the world is affecting consumers. We got through most of your questions and tried to address the remainder in the second discussion.

We invite you to listen in and learn how your company/brand can support consumers in this current, evolving market and economic climate.  

Also, learn five key takeaways from our panel in our blog and infographic!

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