Consumer Connections Live Panel #3: Digging Deeper Into Grocery Shopping

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About This Webinar

For the past two Thursdays, we’ve held live consumer panels to help you understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Americans. We covered a lot of ground in our first two panels, providing a broad perspective of consumers’ attitudes and behaviors during this continually evolving time.

Through this process, we’ve discovered that we have an opportunity to dig deeper in many areas and with this in mind, we’re expanding our consumer panel into a series. The next topic in the series will focus on grocery shopping.

Similar to our first two panels, we ask that you submit your questions for this panel – whatever you want to learn about the how, what, and why of shopping behaviors during the pandemic – just send those along when you register.

And, please pass along this invitation to your colleagues – we’ve gotten a lot of feedback that it was such a great way to hear from consumers!

Also, learn five key takeaways from our panel in our blog and infographic!


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Nancy Baum

Vice President, In-Person Qualitative Research