Consumer Connections Live Panel #3 – Five Key Takeaways Infographic

About This infographic

View the five key takeaways from our third live consumer roundtable!


On April 9, 2020, C+R hosted another complimentary live roundtable discussion with consumers but this time we focused on grocery shopping.

We asked our clients to submit questions they were interested in learning about from the consumers, and these questions fueled the discussion.

Learn the how, what, and why of grocery shopping behaviors during the pandemic to help your company/brand support consumers.

In this informative infographic, you’ll learn five key takeaways that came out of the roundtable discussion including how grocery shoppers:

  • Choose various fulfillment methods and why
  • Determine which retailers to visit
  • Select the brands they are purchasing outside of the norm
  • Are keeping their Children’s picky palates satisfied
  • Switching to shelf stable items

Read more in our blog discussing our five takeaways from this panel.

Also, listen to our podcast of the full panel discussion, moderated by Senior Research Director, Nancy Baum OR watch the 2-minute highlight video.

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Nancy Baum

Vice President, In-Person Qualitative Research