Enhance your Multicultural Journey with C+R’s Cultural Discovery Series

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Please watch our CultureBeat Team members as they introduce you to our Cultural Discovery Series. This series provides expert knowledge of the Asian-American, African American/Black, Hispanic, and LGBTQ+ audiences. 

Leading our CultureBeat practice, Jorge Martínez-Bonilla moderated a panel of our multicultural cohort experts: Ashleigh Williams (Black/African American), Ana Villodres (Hispanic), Anna Rossi (LGBTQ+), and Emma Gepner (Asian Americans) as they brought the Culture Discovery Series to life by discussing foundational elements, subcultures and their significance, and unraveling the specific nuances that define multicultural consumers. 

If your brand aspires to deepen its understanding of these complex and diverse audiences by forging authentic connections with them to aid in your marketing strategies and tactics, we invite you to watch us—regardless of where you currently are on your cultural journey.

Ana Villodres

Senior Director, In-Person Qualitative Research

Anna Rossi

Director, Quantitative Research

Ashleigh Williams

Senior Director, Online Qualitative Research

Emma Gepner

Analyst, Online Qualitative Research

Jorge Martínez-Bonilla

Senior Vice President, CultureBeat