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Alex is a skilled qualitative moderator and quantitative analyst who is able to lead all phases of any project.​

Alex has over 10 years of experience leading quantitative and qualitative market research studies.  In this time, she has led customer satisfaction tracking studies for Fortune 500 companies in the manufacturing industry as well as moderated hundreds of in-depth interviews with C-level executives and business decision-makers. ​

While at C+R, Alex has moderated telephone interviews, webcam interviews, in-person interviews and mini-groups with business decision makers.  She has also conducted quantitative research studies with business respondents for clients in healthcare and financial services, among other industries.​

Alex also has extensive experience conducting social listening studies for clients in the CPG, healthcare and retail industries.​

Prior to joining C+R in 2013, Alex was an Associate Group Director for Beall Research in Chicago and a Senior Project Manager for National Analysts in Philadelphia.  Alex received her BA in Communication from Loyola University Maryland, with a minor in Marketing. 

What’s your favorite thing about Market Research? What do you enjoy about Market Research?

I love learning new industries from the bottom up.  One of the great things about doing B2B research is you often get to see and interact with aspects of products and services that you never would have even thought of as a consumer of them.

If you weren't in market research, what profession would you like to attempt?

I am really into fitness and nutrition. I'd probably be a fitness coach or work in corporate wellness.

What song would you sing karaoke to?

Waterfalls by TLC. I know the entire rap part by heart.

What is the best piece of advice you ever received? 

Don't take yourself too seriously. Laugh and the world laughs with you.

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