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Far too often, youth promotions have been focused on child delight, with parent appeal relegated to the background. On the flipside, many kid brands have put parents front and center in their promotions, but have forgotten the fun. Two programs at decidedly adult retailer seem to be building fun into the shopping experience in a quite literal way. Better yet, parents and kids can both enjoy the benefits, which makes these programs perfect fits with the new way that youth and families understand and experience brands.



Lowes Build and Grow programand Home Depot Kid Workshops make a trip to these home improvement retailers more than just a mom and dad endeavor. Instead, parents can sign up for Saturday morning workshops that allow their children to put their own tools to work, while mom and dad shop or share in the fun. The retailers supply the kits, and the kids participate in putting together small creations, ranging from wooden monster trucks to old-fashioned birdhouses. And both of these retailers seem to recognize that this kind of hands on play isn’t just for preschoolers. Even parents with the most frustrating, exasperating and costly home improvement projects can connect with the playful side of projects through these programs. This may be the only home project that has a light at the end of the tunnel for many of them, but what better way to associate these brands with self-satisfaction than empowering parents to complete a project that means so much to their kids.

Think kids won’t connect with these projects? Some smart partnerships ensure that these projects have brand cache among older kids and young tweens. Sometimes, the workshops feature unbranded crafts like birdfeeders or picture frames, but they keep these workshops feeling fresh by teaming up with movies or toy brands to make these creations feel current and urgent.