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Generation Z Parenting

Mary McIlrath

At YouthBeat®, we publish a quarterly newsletter highlighting new and newly-relevant youth + family culture elements that we expect to be relevant to brands’ portfolios beyond a fad’s lifespan. Rather, we identify constructs that we predict will still be applicable in a year, five years, even ten years down the road. In our Winter 2021/2022 edition, we start by broaching the topic of what Generation Z adulting looks like in the workplace and the nursery. Gen Z parents, in particular, are a group we’ll be keeping an eye on in the next several years.

Gen Z researchThis issue also explores the pandemic-induced mental health crisis among youth and highlights programs promoting mental wellness. We also consider the growing problem of childhood obesity and explore advice for ameliorating youth weight gain while encouraging body positivity. Finally, we take a fun look at the latest tasty treats, which in moderation are part of a healthy diet, and the elements of flavor that we forecast will stick around.

We love it when we see one of our trends take root in a meaningful way—for example, way back in 2016, we highlighted the importance of Multiculturalism and social activism among teens. Moving forward, the Trendspotter will be available for purchase on an ad hoc basis. If you’re interested in learning more, don’t hesitate to reach out—we’d love to talk to you! In the meantime, click here to download this latest issue as an example of the types of theories we create.

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