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As if kids don't have enough pressure on them, most moms are putting one more responsibility on their shoulders: Mother's Day gifts.

If you're like most of the moms in our Mother's Day survey, you won't be expecting much of your husband or significant other this Sunday. Only 4% of the 600 moms surveyed said they expect something from their partner.

Instead, moms prefer gifts that come straight from their kids. At the top of most moms' lists: anything handmade. These high-tech kids will need to get into some traditional arts and crafts - and fast!

 For many moms, especially moms of older kids (9-12), they prefer a Calgon moment that really takes them away - giving them a break from their duties as a "mom". 22% said they would prefer a day off, while 15% are hoping for a trip.

What should kids avoid? Flowers! Only 6% of these moms prefer plants, perhaps because they're cliché, or maybe because there's something a bit depressing about seeing the symbols of your love wilt in a few days!

And do moms think kids will come through? Nearly 70% of the respondents expect their children to do something, but 20% weren't confident that they will follow-through.

So at the end of the day - even her big day - moms value appreciation above all else. And good news for kids: this is something they can afford to give.