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Family holidays during covid research

Mary McIlrath

Amid the pandemic of 2020, families are getting creative in their ways to maintain festive traditions. They might not be able to snap a selfie with a mall Santa, but they can feast on family favorites and hold responsibly-distanced outdoor Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanza gift exchanges. Food and family are the constants, though the gatherings will be smaller, and the venues are less likely to involve a change of scenery. Some families are even going camping or all the way off the grid. For parents, shopping for and shipping gifts are top of mind. The holidays won’t be the same this year, but they’ll be memorable and may even spark some new traditions! 

Every month at YouthBeat, our Say What? Video Journals capture live, in-the-moment reflections on intriguing questions that are relevant today—no need to wait for the next wave of tracking data. See for yourself just a few examples of what youth and parents predicted to us for this holiday season, as well as their hopes for next year. 

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