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Presenter: Amy Henry, Vice President, Youth Insights
January 31st at 1pm (CT)

Preschoolers have more power in American households than ever before. They have always had opinions, but those opinions are taken more seriously by today's parents who seek to listen and learn from their preschoolers as much as they try to teach them.  

Today's preschoolers no longer have to settle for oversized baby stuff or wait for big kid stuff-they have a culture that they can call their own. Also, parents of preschoolers are highly invested in the choices they make for their preschoolers as they know that their decisions about their children's education, eating, and entertainment set the stage for their child's preferences and opportunities in the years to come.

In this webinar, you'll learn about:

  • The critical issues facing today's preschool parents and their children
  • Insights that will affect your ability to better connect with them
  • Cases that show how the best preschool brands are navigating this tricky terrain
  • Practical considerations that come into play when preschool parents are making decisions in your category
  • Finally, we'll describe some of the best practices in conducting research with this age group and introduce you to some of C+R's most effective tools for uncovering their needs

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