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It’s hard to meet an adult who will openly admit that they LOVE Valentine’s Day. Many call it manufactured, overblown and adding insult to injury for those without someone to share it with. It puts new relationships under pressure, and maybe some old ones too! And even the less jaded romantics would probably attest that love doesn’t need a day on the calendar to be expressed (and for that matter, jewelry, flowers or chocolates don’t need to come once a year!).

But for kids, tweens and teens, Valentine’s Day holds its luster. Holidays punctuate the doldrums of ordinary life for youth (especially in colder climates where a little February warmth comes just in time!). It means school parties, special crafts and a little special occasion candy for kids (take a look at these contemporary treats for kids-at-heart). It means an 

excuse to tell someone you care for tweens and teens – who might just need an official holiday to give them an excuse to express their feelings. And for all, it means getting a card (maybe even one that features your favorite character!) or an email or a skype from family and friends who live far away.

So Happy Valentine’s Day, Hallmark Holiday or not J And share a little love with a special kid, tween or teen in your life.