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YouthBeat, a subscription service from C&R Research, is on a mission...We want to bring the best information - and smartest POVs - regarding kids, tweens and teens to people who create products and services designed for them. We believe that an authentic understanding of youth can inspire products and services that actually meet youth needs for entertainment, education, and healthy living. And we think that asking kids, tweens and teens what they think not only provides the most true perspective on an issue, but also reminds us to respect them - not as adults in training, but as a distinct culture with its own values, rituals and mores that make them special and worth getting to know.

And we hope that we can make YouthBeat feel "human"! While many of our readers will be logging in to get insight to guide product innovation or program development, it's likely that our readers will also be moms and dads, aunts and uncles, cousins, volunteers or coaches who work with kids on a regular basis. We see these age groups as more than a target or a market; we see them as we see the kids in our own lives: playful, thoughtful, empowered, and innocent at the same time. We hope this information can enlighten our audience and inspire them to create great ideas to positively affect the lives of youth.

Our YouthBeat subscribers know that YouthBeat is grounded in a monthly survey of kids, tweens and teens - with over 80,000 interviews conducted annually! We supplement this quantitative data with qualitative conversations with members of our online panel. But our YouthBeat blog will pull from a wider range of sources - including academic articles and studies, timely news stories and the latest from the youth culture blogosphere. With YouthBeat fueled by researchers but also staffers with expertise in the fields of developmental psychology and education, we hope to weigh in on the happenings that are affecting more than what youth consume, but also how they live, learn and feel today.

Finally, we hope this space becomes a forum for a rich dialogue about the most important issues and events in youth culture. Please comment with your thoughts, questions and ideas.

And stay tuned!