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As our pre-holiday “wishlist” survey showed, high-ticket electronics were the top “asks” for the 2010 season…But we wanted to know how many kids, tweens and teens actually got what they wanted from the list of most frequently requested items. We know that many youth covet iPads and iPhones (are you sensing a trend?), but most had previously settled for desktops and cell phones that stick to the basics. Would this season’s gifts signal a significant shift in youth ownership of cutting edge devices?

In January, we conducted a mini-survey of just over 400 kids and tweens ages 6 to 12, and found that more kids than we expected were lucky enough to receive an iPad (12%). The iPod Touch was most likely to be received among all the choices we gave them, which isn’t surprising as many kids in this age group would have received their first iPod this year – and why not go big! Kinect, by Xbox beat Sony’s Move by a longshot. Still, almost half reported missing out on all of the wishlist items that we heard so much about in the pre-holiday weeks. And despite impressive sales of digital readers this season, kids only contributed small numbers to the flock of new users of these paper-replacing devices.

In a poll of 164 teens ages 14 to 17, teens were actually less likely to receive these items for the holidays than their younger counterparts with 57% having received none of the items we listed.  Perhaps this is because they were more likely to have some of these higher-priced technologies already. But like younger youth, they were most likely to get an iPod Touch. They were, however more likely to get their hands on an iPhone…

While it may have seemed that EVERYBODY got these gadgets over the holidays, and even moreso if you’re a kid who did not the truth is that these technologies continue to be enjoyed by a minority of youth. We’ll see how the numbers net out when we look at information from a broader sample of kids and teens, but for now it looks like just a few more kids, tweens and teens added to the slowly growing numbers of users of these technologies.