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Liz Dibley, Senior Analyst

market research for teensAs the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone’s lives in the past year, we’ve seen interesting trends for youth and how they’re spending their free time. With the lack of in-person activities and events, youth are spending less time in organized after-school sports and clubs, and more time engaged in individual pursuits such as gaming, playing an instrument, and knitting (see video link below). Families have spent more time together, leading to an increased playing of board games, putting together puzzles, working on home improvement projects, and being creative with arts and crafts.  

Comparing YouthBeat® data from 2020and 2019, we can see the impact of stay-at-home restrictions and new safety precautions on youth. As expected, we have a decrease in sports and after-school clubs (though youth aren’t meeting as much in person, they still identify as part of the team and are meeting virtually with other club members), a decrease in going out to eat, seeing friends, and even reading for pleasure. On the other hand, youth are more likely to watch a movie on a weeknight in 2020 versus 2019. We also see a jump in free-time and youth’s ability to get enough sleep at night.

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Source: YouthBeat® Total 2020, Total 2019

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Source: YouthBeat® Total 2020, Total 2019

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Source: YouthBeat® Total 2020, Total 2019


Source: YouthBeat® Total 2020, Total 2019

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Source: YouthBeat® Total 2020, Total 2019

In January 2021, we asked our YouthBeat® panelists how they engaged with their interests before the COVID-19 pandemic and how they might have changed over the past year. Sports were the top mention for activities youth used to participate in more in the past, while gaming is still a top way to spend their time. Many kids, tweens, and teens have found new interests to bring them joy including cooking, swimming, and journaling. Young people are looking forward to rejoining the in-person enterprises they used to do while maintaining interest in their new hobbies and pastimes. Watch the video below to hear what youth have to say in their own words.

Every month at YouthBeat®, our Say What? Video Journals capture live, in-the-moment reflections on intriguing questions relevant today—no need to wait for the next wave of tracking data. Want to learn more? Reach out to us and let our YouthBeat® team assist your brand! 


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