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Youth Outlook

Rhonda Eviston, Senior Director

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a curveball into the lives of all youth, upending their daily lives in ways they had never imagined. From canceled proms to Zoom-school, big and small challenges arose. Youth turned to socializing via video games, crafting with their families, and catching up on their favorite shows. While 2020 affected everyone differently, we all anticipate a more positive future, especially young people.

In December 2020, we asked our YouthBeat® panelists about their thoughts and feelings for the new year.  The feedback we received was a mixed bag of cautious optimism, along with a bit of fear and uncertainty, but ultimately revealed what we knew all along about today’s youth – that their natural resilience and hope will carry them through these troubled times and beyond.

Every month at YouthBeat®, our Say What? Video Journals capture live, in-the-moment reflections on intriguing questions relevant today—no need to wait for the next wave of tracking data. See for yourself in the video below for some examples of youth’s hopes and fears about 2021. 

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