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YouthBeat is excited to announce the launch of YouthBeat Jr.! YouthBeat Jr. extends the scope of YouthBeat, our syndicated study and consulting service that examines the lives of youth ages 6-18 and their parents to the 2-5 set. YouthBeat Jr. is grounded in a robust survey designed specifically to unlock the authentic attitudes and real experiences of preschooler parents.

We ask about their parenting style and decision-making approaches. We find out how their children spend their time, what they love and what mom and dad want for them. We cover topics ranging from breakfast foods to book reading to birthday parties. And we ensure that our interpretation includes insight by bringing our applied and academic expertise to everything we do.

See the press release here.

To order your subscription to YouthBeat Jr. or to learn more, please contact Amy Henry by email at or call 312.828.9200.