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Research on Hispanic Teens

Mary McIlrath, Senior Vice President

At C+R Research, our YouthBeat® and CultureBeat teams collaborate closely to understand multicultural youth and families’ circumstances and needs. Hispanics make up the fastest-growing market segment in the United States.* As such, to coincide with Hispanic Heritage Month, we pause to celebrate the vibrance of Hispanic teens with a new eBook.  

Here are just a few fun facts about Hispanic teens’ preferences that set them apart from their Non-Hispanic White (NHW) counterparts. Did you know:

  • One in four makes lip sync videos (22% vs. 8% NHW)
  • 19% say they like listening to Reggaeton music (vs. 2% NHW)
  • Two-thirds believe it is important to have the latest smartphone (65% vs. 47% NHW)**

Hispanic teens are close to their families, sharing favorite brands, media time, and meals. Their parents worry (with good cause) about their teens’ sugar and sodium intake. And while Hispanic parents share their teens’ interest in the latest technology, they also set strict guardrails for how media is consumed in the home.

Hispanic teens’ love of community isn’t limited to their own households. They display collectivism through shared tastes with peers on everything from snacks to their latest electronic books. This cohort likes putting their dollars behind products that support social causes. They are already carrying on the tradition of “we” in Hispanic culture (though not necessarily at the expense of “me”).

Download the eBook here to get a taste of Hispanic teens’ family life, unique communication and community patterns, preferences for fashion, technology, food, and more. 

*Source: Pew Research Center, July 2020
**Source: YouthBeat Total Year Data 2019


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