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Custom Qualitative + Quantitative Research

Specialized solutions to help you steer your youth + family businesses in the right direction.

We have a full suite of custom qual and quant options which allow us to take any method we do with an adult population and adapt it for our youth. Our best-in-class consulting services are backed by our unparalleled institutional knowledge about youth and families...allowing us to adapt to the changing needs of both clients and kids.

Coupled with experienced practitioners (including moderators with the gift and talent to connect with kids, tweens, and teens and elicit insight from them), makes our custom research of the highest quality.

Generations-Focused Deliverables

Leverage our generational and cultural expertise with off-the-shelf deliverables designed to elevate your brand’s relevance in the Youth + Family space:

  • Quarterly Trendspotters
    • Highlighting our predictions for what is bubbling up in the generational space that matters today and will shape consumption for years to come
  • Annual Digital Yearbook
    • Clearinghouse of youth development, demographic shifts, watershed current events, key data summaries, and implications designed to help your brand gain and maintain market share
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Our custom quantitative research leverages best practices in research with innovative approaches, all designed with youth and families in mind. Our research is developed and analyzed to account for the moral, social, emotional, cognitive, and physical developmental stages of kids to help our clients increase their fluency in the world of kids, tweens, teens, and parents.  

Some of the methods in our quantitative youth + family toolbox include:

  • Segmentation 
  • Product testing 
  • Concept testing 
  • A&Us 
  • Communications and Ad testing 
  • Tracking Advanced analytics like TURF, Max Diff, Conjoint, and more
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Our moderators have the training and talent to connect with kids, tweens, teens, and parents to elicit meaningful insights. We tailor every discussion guide and activity to fit the developmental and language abilities of the target group, to set them up for success in expressing themselves.

Some of the methods in our youth + family toolbox include:       

  • Focus groups    
  • Parent/child tandem interviews     
  • Friendship interviews    
  • Ethnographies     
  • Mobile missions      
  • Short- and long-term online discussions, panels, and communities      
  • Ideation and co-creation
  • Online “Unboxing” Play Labs