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Designed For You By The Youth + Family Experts

The YouthBeat® service is designed with the needs of researchers and marketers in mind. Each deliverable looks at the data we've collected from a different angle to help our clients use the information to its fullest, and to reflect the many ways that our clients need to look at the youth space. 

  • Our best-in-class subscription services give our clients access to high-integrity data as well as our experienced practitioners, who consult on what is relevant to youth + family brands today as well as what is bubbling to the surface for tomorrow.

From our online portal that provides instant access to data to our YearBook that provides a look at the patterns emerging in the data across multiple categories, to on-call youth consultants, YouthBeat® immerses our clients in youth culture the way no one else can.

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  • 24/7 access to the YouthBeat® Data Portal, allowing for customized queries and reporting 
  • Currents (topic deep dives of our 12 subject modules), issued bi-annually 
  • YouthBeat® YearBook 
  • Resource Deck, issued annually and based on data from the first 6 months of the year, with slides of nearly every question in the survey 
  • Monthly access to raw video, transcripts, and edited reels from Say What? Video Journals
  • Trendspotter Newsletter, issued quarterly 
  • On-call consulting with the YouthBeat® team of experts 
  • Customized in-person presentation to your team 
  • In addition to 24/7 access to data, YouthBeat® Jr. provides clients with on-going consultation and reports rich with insights and implications on the preschool market  
  • Bi-annual publication of banners with all data cross-tabbed by child age, parent age, gender, and ethnicity 
  • A comprehensive resource deck with every question in our study charted for easy use in your own presentations 
  • An annual report and presentation that includes the “story” of the year for preschoolers, along with case studies of powerful preschool brands 
  • On-going access to our YouthBeat® experts, with academic credentials and applied experience in the preschool space


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