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superior youth + family expertise

Creating products, messages, and experiences that truly resonate with today's youth and families requires in-depth, authentic understanding of their social, emotional, cognitive, moral, and physical mindsets at every age. It means acknowledging that being in the youth and family space is fundamentally different than your work with other target groups. The lessons you've learned don't apply in quite the same way. The frameworks you use to model success might require re-imagining.

We've got Youth 101 fundamentals and we're also on our toes, constantly pivoting, innovating, and growing our knowledge of youth culture during its frequent changes.

  • Deep insights and clear meaningful consumer experiences designed to educate, empower, and inspire clients who are committed to helping make the world a better place for preschoolers, kids, tweens, teens, and their families. 
  • Our team at YouthBeat® also brings applied and academic expertise in the needs and motivations of youth and family.
superior insights

YouthBeat® is helmed by the youth experts at C+R Research. C+R has been innovative in youth research with kids, tweens, and teens for over 30 years, and our online KidsEyes and TeensEyes panels have been in existence since 2000. 

We are internationally sought-after speakers at conferences, we have taught graduate courses in research, and we are routinely consulted on the needs of youth by Fortune 500 and nonprofit organizations. 

YouthBeat® delivers far more understanding and insight than you'll find in any other youth consulting practice. 

superior methods

We continuously innovate ways to connect with youth and families—in person, online, via mobile and video—in the “languages” that are most relevant to them and help them express their behaviors and opinions to us.