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A Timely Discussion About Communities and Panels

A Timely Discussion About Communities and Panels

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In this Emerge Smarter webinar series, we brought together the thought leaders behind our qualitative and quantitative communities and panels for a lively discussion. 

They discussed why this method is so popular, how the pandemic impacted research practices, and whether the trends they’ve seen over the past year and a half are here to stay.

Mimie Lund, Vice President

On August 5, 2021, we continued our Consumer Connections Series and hosted a Consumer Roundtable discussion to explore consumer and shopper attitudes, mindsets, and behaviors during this uncertain pandemic moment in time, as the Delta variant threatens to undo the recent progress made earlier this Summer.

Brendan Sanok, Sr. Online Qualitative Analyst

While the pandemic shows signs of subsiding and in person research starts to return, online research still remains a promising method of conducting product testing. Consumer feedback on product prototypes is an area that many clients would like to address, with C+R offering a number of tailored approaches to address any and all needs.

Communities and Panels

The Diverse World of Communities and Panels

Developing Unique & Tailored Options To Meet Specific Insight Needs

C+R pioneered communities and panels over ten years ago. Since then, we’ve accumulated a wealth of knowledge on this research method.

Our eBook, The Diverse World of Communities and Panels, covers everything from the most effective recruiting techniques to the innovative tools we’ve discovered and tested to uncover deep insights. We’ll also share tips and tricks for engaging both clients and participants.

Summer Vacation + Travel

Consumer Connections Series: Summer Vacation + Travel

Highlight Video & Podcast Now Available! 

At C+R Research, we continue to be committed to helping you connect with consumers in a meaningful way during the COVID-19 pandemic. But now that consumers have settled into this new normal, what’s next? We provided our clients with opportunities to hear from consumers about new topics that are important to them during this time. 

Alex Knepler, Community Health Manager, Communities and Panels

While the COVID-19 pandemic is certainly not over, the widespread rollout of the vaccine has brought about an easing of local and state restrictions, and a gradual return to some semblance of what society looked like before March 2020. As such, consumer behavior continues to adapt, and hopefully stabilize. For some, this will mean a return to pre-COVID shopping habits while for others – a hybrid of pre-and post-COVID behaviors, which could be a mix of shopping in-store for one trip, shopping online the next time, and using a fulfillment service like curbside pick-up for another.

Consumer Connections Live Panel #6 - Five Key Takeaways Infographic

Consumer Connections Live Panel #6 - Five Key Takeaways Infographic

View the five key takeaways from our sixth and final live consumer roundtable!

On April 30, 2020, C+R hosted our sixth and final complimentary live roundtable discussion, but this time we spoke with consumers six weeks later to see what, if anything, had changed for them during the pandemic.  

We asked our clients to submit questions they were interested in learning about from the consumers, and these questions fueled the discussion.

Learn how your company/brand can support consumers during this constantly evolving time.

Casey Sloan, Vice President

On April 30, 2020, we hosted our sixth and final Consumer Roundtable discussion to take a pulse on consumers’ evolving attitudes and behaviors during the coronavirus pandemic. This week we met up with consumers from our first panel (conducted on March 26) to see what’s happened in the 6 weeks since we last heard from them. Here are 5 takeaways of what we learned: 

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