eCommerce + Online Qualitative Research Sitting in a Tree

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Emily Prozeller

Vice President, Communities & Panels

Like any industry, research has evolved to keep up with the unfolding demands for our services. Compared to the early days, research now spans a plethora of methodologies and correlating technologies – including the internet.

But, the internet isn’t new news. Right? 

Right. For years, the internet has been leveraged to make the world smaller, and the research arm longer. But despite the internet’s stronghold, some parts have yet to be fully understood or optimized. 

eCommerce behavior, in particular, is still settling among consumers. Also, it has yet to be fully harnessed by retailers. However, online qualitative research (online qual) and its distinct manner provide the unique opportunity to tackle eCommerce learning initiatives effectively.

First, online qual research meets respondents on their own turf. Specifically, gathering feedback in a digital space that is familiar to eCommerce users and/or intenders. It is already a part of their digital footprint and is a space they feel comfortable, which only results in true effort and honest feedback.

In addition, conducting eCommerce research – from broad explorations to targeted path-to-purchase initiatives – online puts respondents in the correct context. They are living the mindset of being online; conducting the right research in the right, uninfluenced space is the ultimate warm-up question. 

Finally, online qual research enables endless stim to use in-the-moment. Respondents navigate to any website for feedback on their reactions, experiences, and processes real-time. Any potential stim is available without an upheaval of where they are and what they are doing.

For these reasons, we feel that the “marriage” of eCommerce and online qualitative is a match that will be together for a long time.

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