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Christopher M. Castillo, Digital Marketing Manager

Our YouthBeat® team was recently asked a question on social media from a real estate agent regarding what our research says that might help market real estate services better to Millennials and Gen Z. Given that we’ve had Millennials in our panels since they were in grade school, and Gen Z since they were toddlers, we know them very well.

Alex Palermo, Vice President

Millennials are finally aging into needing healthcare, and they’re not convinced that western medicine always has their best interests in mind. Millennials are also more likely to shop around for care or seek alternatives like telemedicine over traditional doctor visits.

Alex Palermo, Vice President

C+R recently attended the Home Improvement Research Institute Conference in Oak Brook, IL.  While attending this conference, we heard some things about the home improvement industry and the economy in general that got us thinking. This is one industry where consumers are also producers, and the evolving consumer journey must rise to this juxtaposition.

We looked at Google search volume to find the most popular brands, musicians, and influencers in 25 college towns across the nation.

Brenda Hurley, Executive Vice President

We've identified some of today's most promising emerging consumer segments. These diverse groups span generations and cultures that brands should consider for their growth and buying power.

Brenda Hurley, Executive Vice President

There has been plenty of talk over the years about how the millennial generation is different from the rest and why it's important for companies, politicians - everyone to care about them. We partnered with The Agency to create a unique research community

Jane Ott, Senior Vice President

Millennials have grown up in a tech-centric world which has shaped their attitudes and approaches to problems. It has broken down barriers for entry, regardless of whether those barriers are finding a group of other like-minded people through social netwo

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