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Steve Stallard, Senior Vice President

When we at C+R envisioned our A+U NOW® attitude & usage DIY market research tool, it had to meet specific market needs for real time consumer insights. We considered companies with smaller brands looking for an agile A&U consumer insights tools with affordable pricing, or their need to explore adjacent categories, or start-ups looking to understand a particular marketplace. 

From our legacy as a custom market research firm, it was important that the design of the DIY Market Research tool had to: 

Segmentation Research

A Timely Conversation about Segmentation Research

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Segmentation research has a long history of being considered the "pinnacle" of marketing research for its ability to deliver strategic insights that can shape and fuel a brand's future. Oftentimes, it requires a substantial amount of time, thought and investment; so, it is important to get it right. We all know that 2020 was a difficult year in many ways for everyone. We all needed to adapt to all sorts of changes in everyday life, which beg some questions about segmentation research: 

Segmentation Research

A Primer to Understanding Segmentation Research

Your prospects and customers are not all the same—learn how segmentation research can help guide your targeting and messaging strategies.

Paul Metz, Executive Vice President

A segmentation study is a major undertaking for any brand – but the payoff is great as it provides a wealth of information and insight. Who would not want to understand the differences among their consumers and what drives different groups of them? In this sense, segmentation research is almost always "good." Although the segmentation may be “good,” it needs to be more than a highly detailed snapshot. It needs to ground your stakeholders in insights that can drive innovation, communications, and other decisions. That is what a great segmentation does.

Paul Metz, Executive Vice President

It's important to do all research right, but this is especially true for segmentation studies. Does your company put the right amount of priority, attention and resources behind your segmentation research?

Dave Mastrofski, Vice President of DIY Solutions

What we found when we explored singles' attitudes and behaviors to brands, shopping, and lifestyles confirmed our suspicion: the face of single adults in 2015 was very different than the one that marketers and even market researchers may have set in their

Dave Mastrofski, Vice President of DIY Solutions

Maybe you saw the media splash that month that occurred after the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that for the first time in our national history, the number of adults who were single outnumbered those who were married.

Bob Relihan, Senior Vice President

One of the more infuriating experiences a moderator can encounter in a focus group is the respondent who seems to be critical of everything. Show him advertising, and he will quibble about an adjective. Show him a new product, and he will question its quality. Show him a completely different product, and he will have another reservation--Or, exactly the same one. Behind the mirror, the observers are losing their patience.

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