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Emily Prozeller, Senior Research Director, joined C+R in 2011 to help expand the online qualitative discipline.  Emily was a pioneer in the burgeoning field of online qualitative research and consumer communities. Prior to joining C+R, Emily managed accounts and large-scale client initiatives at Communispace, an original provider of consumer insights communities.  ​

Today, Emily helps companies across categories leverage insights to drive marketing strategy and product development.  She oversees and conducts qualitative research across online methodologies offered at C+R, including the management of long-term communities.​

Emily received a BA in Art History from Denison University. 

  • What's your favorite thing about Market Research? What do you enjoy about Market Research? 

    I like that people – and their input – still surprise me. It's also interesting to see cultural trends emerge. 

  • How did you get into the market research industry? 

    I studied art history because I enjoyed looking at how many facets came together to create the context and execution – cultural, social, political, etc. I like piecing together the story.  

  • What's the best piece of advice you ever received? 

    When asked to give an opinion between options that are all suitable, say “I trust your judgment” instead of “I don’t care” or something along those lines. That decision matters to the person asking, so saying that you trust their judgment avoids giving them a flippant response. My husband and I use this back and forth but it keeps us in the positive! 

  • What advice do you have for others wanting to get into market research?

    Cultivate curiosity. And never assume you know the answer.