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If you need to understand how your consumers feel about your brand and how they use your products, consider an A&U Study. A well-designed A&U Study can tell you an enormous amount about how consumers experience your brand. With an A&U Study, information we uncover will help you create strategies that win new customers while keeping your loyal customers smiling. We have all types of approaches to meet your needs for an A&U Study – from qualitative exploratory to a robust strategic study to something in between.

It’s critical to keep your finger on the pulse of the ever-changing landscape that your brand competes in as new products enter, consumer preferences change, and disruptors arrive on the scene.

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unleash the power of your brand by:

  • Identifying who is aware of your brand and how they feel about it
  • Monitoring how your brand stacks up against the competition
  • Determining the strength of your brand’s equity
  • Identifying barriers to product trial or use
  • Uncovering opportunities through usage occasions

what can an
a&u study do
for your brand?

The short answer is an awful lot. An A&U study can help you size and profile each component of the purchase funnel, uncover your brand’s relationships with different groups of customers, reveal what matters most to your target audience, determine your brand’s health and performance, and identify what’s stopping people from trying or using your brand.

Size and Profile Each Component of the Purchase Funnel

An A&U study can tell you who is aware of your brand, who might consider buying your product, who has tried your brand, and who is already a loyal customer.

Uncover Your Brand’s Relationships With Prospective, Hesitant, New, and Loyal Customers

Each group of potential and existing customers has a different relationship to your brand. A&U studies provide in-depth insights into what defines each group to help you develop effective targeting and communication strategies.

Determine Brand Health and Performance

If you’re wondering how your brand stacks up to the competition or its relative position in the marketplace, an A&U study can help. We’ll identify what strengths can be leveraged, where the weaknesses and differentiators are, and what new opportunities are out there.

Identify What’s Stopping People From Trying or Using Your Brand

You need to know the obstacles before you can overcome them. Our A&U studies can help you understand what’s stopping people from trying or regularly using your brand.

Reveal What Matters Most to Your Target Audience

An A&U study can help you understand what motivates people to try your brand initially and what motivates them to return to your brand. Developing an understanding of what drives satisfaction is an important step toward expanding your community of loyal customers.

We’ll Bring Your Data to Life

Whether you embark on a qualitative A&U, or a strategic quantitative study, we can help elevate your findings. For qualitative, our Storyologists can bring your findings to life. For quant, with the help of our in-house Advanced Analytics group, we love finding creative ways to communicate findings – from perceptual maps to SWOTs and Gap Analyses. We promise your staff will walk away with a complete understanding of the key insights, what they mean, and what’s next.

With decades of experience under our belt, and virtually every brand category researched, we know what it takes to design, implement, and bring findings from an A&U study to life. Let us know how we can help you!

Featured Case Study:
The National Pork Board

The Dollars + Attitudes ($+A™) approach is brought to life through our partnership with the National Pork Board (NPB) and our Pork Demand Landscape Research Study, one of our earliest successes leveraging the Illuminator™ methodology. Our goals for this project were comprehensive and foundational: we needed the “who, what, where, when, why, and how” of pork consumption today. We also needed to identify the keys to growing pork demand for the future. This was an ambitiously scoped research initiative that called for a deep understanding of protein choice and pork usage.

Given that this was a huge and broad-scoped study to design, we tackled it with multiple phases of research (including qualitative and quantitative research combined with behavioral analysis using Numerator). The quantitative portion alone consisted of over 10,000 respondents! Our research design was multifaceted to cover all the learnings we needed to accomplish: in-home (grocery) and out-of-home (food service) usage across all dayparts and meal occasions (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) among the general population and key sub-populations (Hispanics and Millennials—Hispanics who spoke either English or Spanish). It was necessary to understand consumers’ needs and motives by type of occasion and by attitudinal segments—and to understand all of this at an individual meat cut level. Traditionally, we might consider addressing a study like this using a long, wide-ranging survey or diary. But, with all that we wanted to learn in this study, we realized the idea of sitting people down for an hour-long survey trying to remember everything about the times they purchased meat in the past year would not only be exhausting, but also less accurate. In order to get the amplified results we were looking for, we concluded that, while we had the option of many methodological choices, our best option was to find a way to integrate different information sources to best suit our needs.

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