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We employ a variety of qualitative research methods and regularly experiment with new ways to reach consumers. Over the past several years, the ongoing evolution of mobile research technology has fueled our excitement and advances in this area. Here's just a few innovative ways we integrate mobile technology and qualitative research:

Mobile journaling to obtain 'in-the-moment' instances and 'needs' states

We've all been in the store looking for a product we have on our shopping list and have either spent several minutes trying to find it or changed our minds due to an appealing promotion or a drop in price for a comparable product. When you use mobile qual to conduct research, you gain access to what is happening in the minds of the consumers at the very moment they are making their buying decision.

In-store mobile missions

It's very difficult for consumers to tell you why they bought something after the fact. If they are using their mobile phone to document why they are making a purchasing decision at that very moment; that is the best way to capture the insights about how your targeted customers make their buying decisions. What motivated them to stick with their shopping list or to suddenly change their minds about a product? Was it price? Product placement? A special promotion? Using mobile technology helps you capture these "mental snapshots" in real-time so you can make smarter business decisions.

Mobile Ethnographies

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Seeing what your customers see can be critical in helping you understand their point of view. Mobile technology gives you the ability to walk in your customers' shoes, giving you insights into their drivers and behaviors.

Measuring advertising effectiveness when in a "real environment"

Are you trying to plan end caps, shelf sets, or understand the most effective ads? In-the-moment insights give you a real grip on how people see and interpret various marketing and advertising tactics and the level of motivation these tactics have on their purchasing decisions.

Website navigation and reaction via mobile devices (using mobile markup tools)

It can be a challenge to have a website that works well on a computer, tablet, and smartphone. But in today's world, it is an absolute necessity. Our mobile qual research methods can help you determine what actions need to be taken to improve your website across various devices.