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A&U studies cover a lot of ground to help you develop and refine your marketing strategies and tactics. For example, a well-designed A&U study:

Sizes and profiles each component of the purchase funnel:

  • Who's aware of my brand?
  • Who will consider buying it?
  • Who has tried it?
  • Who is loyal?

Uncovers what your brand's relationship with each of the above groups is

  • Each group has different relationships with your brand, and we dig deep to understand those relationships and what defines each group (their profiles, their attitudes, etc.) to help you in your targeting and communication strategies.

Uncovers what matters most to your target audience

  • What motivates people to try the category?
  • What motivates repeat trial?
  • What drives satisfaction with a brand?

Understands brand performance and the health of your brand

  • What's my brand's relative position in the marketplace?
  • How does my brand stack up to the competition?
  • What strengths can be leveraged?
  • Where are my brand's weaknesses?
  • What differentiates my brand from the competition?
  • Where are the opportunities that I can take advantage of?

Uncovers what's stopping people from using/trying your brand

  • What are the barriers, and how can I overcome them?

We Bring Your Data to Life.

With the help of our in-house Advanced Analytics group, we excel at illuminating the space in which your brand competes - through perceptual maps, SWOTs, Gap Analysis and other illustrative techniques. Even though the inputs to the study are comprehensive, the story we provide will be clear - you and your team will walk away with a complete understanding of the key insights, what they mean, and what your next steps are.

NEW Research Solution

A+U NOW is the first automated A&U usage and attitude studytool specifically designed for the CPG industry.

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