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INTRODUCING A+U NOW®: Simple yet smart. Agile yet Actionable.

A+U NOW® is a fully realized Attitude & Usage Research Tool designed especially for the CPG industry, accessed easily through a research portal, and generated rapidly through efficient automation. It’s brought to you by C+R, experts in consumer research, especially A&U research, and backed by our 60-year heritage of innovation and data integrity.

As a marketing professional – whether you are a research novice or expert – there is always a need to deeply understand your consumer packaged goods (CPG) category and brand by conducting consumer research, especially an Attitude and Usage (A&U) study. But if your budget and your timeline don’t allow for a fully customized study, and basic quick-turn survey solutions won’t answer your most important questions, then A+U NOW® is the perfect solution for you!

With A+U NOW®, C+R has thoughtfully applied 60 years of expertise at designing and perfecting consumer research and A&U standards, which are channeled into delivering an insightful, actionable report, suitable for CPG professionals of all levels and departments, through an intuitive market research portal.  

A full presentation-ready report and an accessible data mining portal are delivered to you within days, at a cost that’s a fraction of a traditional custom A&U. It’s the affordable market research solution you’ve been looking for.

A+U NOW®: Differentiated Benefits
Fast turnaround
Rapid turnaround

A+U NOW® is agile research, giving you actionable perspective in days, to make timely market decisions and move forward

Data mining
Data Mining

An intuitive portal includes data filtering tools with the power to explore your CPG data for deeper brand and audience insights

Category customization

Define custom product categories that are right for your business – built from 600+ CPG product subcategories

Start-to-Finish Reporting

A+U NOW® automatically generates high quality, fully formatted PowerPoint reports that are ready for analyzing, editing, and presenting

Cost Efficiency
Cost Efficiency

A+U NOW® delivers professional-grade reporting often for about half of a traditional custom A&U study. This affordable market research solution is designed to meet smaller market research budgets.

A+U NOW® Answers CPG Marketers’ Most important issues

A+U NOW® is ideal for:

  • Established brands with limited funding
  • Low incidence categories with smaller budgets
  • Opportunities in newly considered categories
  • Brand acquisition assessment
  • Adjacent category consideration
  • Brand positioning white space
  • Slow growth brands or categories
  • Start-ups looking for information
  • Global brands considering US entry
  • Grounding agencies, consultants in categories