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A+U NOW® is built on C+R’s world class Attitude & Usage (A&U) framework, with enough flexibility to customize your category structure, consumer/ shopper criteria, brands of interest, and even key attributes that you want to include.

Setting project parameters and project initiation is straightforward for all users - not just researchers! and takes only minutes to launch. After logging into the secure survey portal, customize your survey with these six easy steps:

Select User
1. Specify Who You’ll Survey

Choose the consumer/shopper qualifications using targeted demos, time frame (e.g., purchasers in past 3 months), and your sample size.

2. Define Category

Customize a product category by picking up to 5 CPG subcategories from over 600 options.

Key Brands
3. Identify Key Brands

Choose up to 8 brands of interest to include (your brand(s) + competitors).

Customize Attributes
4. Customize Attributes

Select your attributes from an established list.

All-Inclusive Price
5. Get Your All-Inclusive Price

Use our pricing estimator to scope cost (based on incidence and study parameters). Price start at $10,000.

6. Click + Go!

After you enter your parameters, your study launches immediately (most completed in 24 hours or less).

This is not “quick and dirty” research. Even though A+U NOW® is incredibly agile, it’s never at the cost of sample and data quality. Backed by the partnership of C+R and PureSpectrum. C+R’s rich heritage of A&U studies and rigorous data quality standards and PureSpectrum’s industry-leading survey platform, we employ the highest data quality standards at every step:

Study Input.

A+U NOW® is built on PureSpectrum’s signature sample platform. Data is carefully collected across a marketplace of vetted sample sources and rigorously monitored.

Reporting Output.

C+R’s high standards for recruiting, processing and reporting, and the assurance of our Sentinel™ data quality algorithm, A+U NOW® delivers reliable, repeatable results… in real time. That’s because A+U NOW® is built by C+R Research, a marketing insights company, not a technology platform company.

How Our A&U Tool Works
A+U NOW® is the right choice for CPG professionals who seek…

Your study takes minutes to set up, with insights in a few days


Built by seasoned market research professionals based on C+R’s rigorous design and data quality standards

Easy to Use
Ease of Use

Our portal is intuitive and gives you the ability to filter results on your desktop, with one-click Power Point reporting


You have the ability to define your category by grouping up to 5 subcategories

Cost Savings

Priced less than half of a traditional custom A&U