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Download our A+U NOW® overview document!

With A+U NOW® your insights are delivered via an online market research portal that allows you to analyze data through dozens of embedded audience filters (such as demographics, category users, etc.). This market analysis provides finished market research reports that export to PowerPoint and other formats with a single click.

Every A+U NOW® study includes a data mining portal and delivers ~ 25 formatted analytic pages:
  • Category Insights
    • Recency of purchase and/or consumption
    • Attribute Importance
    • Stated vs. Derived Importance
  • Purchase Channel Behaviors
  • Brand Insights
    • Awareness (unaided and aided)
    • Purchase Funnels
    • Competitive Perceptual Mapping
  • Last Consumptions/Purchase Occasion Profiles
  • Sustainability Attitudes
  • Demographic Profiles
Defining Your Target With A+U NOW’s SmartMarket™ Segmentation

Embedded in every A+U NOW Study is C+R’s proprietary SmartMarketTM Segmentation overlay. With C+R’s decades of segmentation experience in the CPG space, and tested across multiple consumer categories, SmartMarket is built upon our assessment of hundreds of carefully curated CPG-related attitude and behavior questions. These attitudes and behaviors questions included in each A+U NOW study represents the greatest differentiation for the segments. Based on respondents’ responses, they are “tagged” by the SmartMarket proprietary algorithm and assigned to their appropriate segment. 

The Results Illuminate Six Distinct Consumer Segments

SmartMarket Segments

Segmentation Insights – without the time and cost of a custom study. Delivered in days, not weeks, and at a fraction of the cost of a custom segmentation study, SmartMarket is the perfect complement to an A+U NOW study. By selecting the SmartMarket Segmentation report as an additional component of your study, you get a detailed profile of each segment’s underlying motivations, along with a full report comparing the segments’ performances across every A+U NOW metric. As a result, you’ll be able to gain deeper insights to determine:

  • WHICH segments are most valuable to the category?
  • WHY would each segment buy my brand?
  • WHERE do my most valuable customers shop?
  • WHO are the competitors should I worry about?
  • HOW can I fill my best prospects’ unmet needs?

To see A+U NOW’s SmartMarket Segmentation in action, schedule a demo with one of our experts!