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Multicultural and Hispanic marketing and market research

Jorge Martinez, Vice President

Like the marathon runner who failed to properly prepare for the long-distance haul, brands often train more for the shorter sprint. Multicultural marketing is a feat that takes a marathon commitment.
How brands can respond to the craft movement

Matt Werner

Over the past decade, the beer industry has gone through a dramatic shift as craft beer has gobbled up market share at the expense of macro brands. While the craft beer scene provides the most convenient example of evolving consumer tastes, many other ca...
Disrupting Traditional Market Research

Jim Farina

One of the most dreaded tasks for a market researcher is the prospect of having to break bad news to a client and their invested stakeholders. For a good researcher, this goes along with the territory.
Understanding the Idea of 'Recoding Culture'

Erika Hammer, Senior Research Director

What does the idea of ‘recoding culture’ mean for us as researchers and marketers? We should consider tweaking the way we think about a few different things.
The Connection Between Hair and Identity in Black Culture

Ashleigh Williams

The expression of beauty through hairstyles has been a long-standing signature of Black culture. To help in understanding the emotional significance hair has on Black culture and identity, one doesn’t have to look too far within our Black communities to...
Market Research and The Rising Data Tide

Matt Werner

A summary of key takeaways from the NY Quirk’s Event which includes thoughts on the adoption and use of machine learning, VR and big data in marketing research.
Social Media in Pharmacy Market Research

Alex Palermo, Senior Research Director

There has recently been much discussion about the use of social media in market research, and how it can be applied to pharma research.

Mary McIlrath, Senior Vice President

How much disparity exists between the jobs we dream of and the jobs we'll most likely get? We polled more than 400 teenagers to find out.