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Qualitative Methods

C+R has a particularly rich history in qualitative research. Our founder, Dr. Saul ben Zeev, is credited with taking the group interview approach out of an academic setting, and applying it to marketing research in the 1950s. His innovative thinking and willingness to push the boundaries is at the heart of how we approach research today. C+R’s team of qualitative moderators employ a variety of in-person and digital approaches designed to uncover stories that matter around consumer perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors.

Our moderating team works closely with our quantitative research analysts to integrate multi-modal research into a seamless story, providing you with incredibly rich insights and business building recommendations.

To further enrich the research, we also have an incredibly talented team of storyologists, comprised of multimedia and creative staff who are skilled at turning raw video footage into a video story that highlights our learnings in an engaging and compelling way. These video stories are a perfect way to engage your broader audience in the findings.

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