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Steve Stallard, Senior Vice President

Did you know that Canadians are known as the United States’ friendly neighbor to the north?  But is there any truth to the stereotype that Canadians are nicer than Americans?

Activation Workshops

Turn Your Actionability up to 11: Use Your Partners to Amplify Research Objectives for Results That Matter

You’ve secured a research partner and scoped out your research objectives. But what if there’s more you can learn? Join Kat Figatner and Dave Mastrofski as they walk through three case studies that demonstrate how they’ve expanded and augmented research to help clients gain deeper insights to drive their business decisions long term.  

Katie Borman, Senior Research Analyst

As a graduate of Loyola University Chicago, I take great pride in my alma mater’s mission to make a difference as “a person for others.” I was thrilled when C+R Research announced back in 2017 a new partnership with Cristo-Rey, a Jesuit hi

Ally Williams, Anna Rossi, Qualitative Analyst

“So, what exactly do you do?” That’s the question we received again and again from Holy Trinity High School students when we attended their recent career fair. It’s a good question: market research is neither as widely known nor as self-explanatory as some of the other professions that were on display at the fair.

Dave Mastrofski, Vice President

Every couple of weeks at C+R Research, we gather our analysts together to discuss new methodologies, case studies, trends, etc.  At a recent meeting, various analysts presented trends from J. Walter Thompson’s annual “The Future 100: 2019, Trends and Change to watch in 2019”.

Activation Workshops

Activation Workshops: Moving Research Off the Page Into the Real World eBook

This ebook outlines how Activation Workshops can stretch your research and research dollars.  It showcases several case studies that demonstrate how these workshops have been beneficial to our clients.

Kat Figatner, Senior Vice President

You just invested coveted research dollars in a project, and it turned out great. The insights uncovered a newer, deeper perspective on your category and brand than ever before.  But what’s next?

Ashleigh Williams ​, Research Director

As we close Black History month this year, we reflect on the progress that's been made when it comes to diversity in the entertainment industry. In the past decade, we have seen a larger push from the Black/African American community for the inclusion of Black perspectives in mainstream media. We are now seeing evidence of Black cultural contributions in music, television, and film more than ever before. While the entertainment industry has certainly come a long way, there is still a need for Black perspectives in other entertainment categories.