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Alex Palermo, Senior Director

Millennials are finally aging into needing healthcare, and they’re not convinced that western medicine always has their best interests in mind. Millennials are also more likely to shop around for care or seek alternatives like telemedicine over traditional doctor visits.

Where is craft beer most popular? We looked at data to determine states with the largest number of breweries per capita as well as the overall growth of the industry.

Alex Palermo, Hillary Stifler, Senior Director

C+R recently attended the Home Improvement Research Institute Conference in Oak Brook, IL.  While attending this conference, we heard some things about the home improvement industry and the economy in general that got us thinking. This is one industry where consumers are also producers, and the evolving consumer journey must rise to this juxtaposition.

We looked at Google search volume to find the most popular brands, musicians, and influencers in 25 college towns across the nation.

Hillary Stifler, Vice President

Sometimes less is more when it comes to testing products and a simple solution can be what works best to understand a complex objective.

Lynne Bartos, Vice President

A recent New York Times article reported on a study that compared what respondents said about their earnings versus what their employers told the Internal Revenue Service in tax filings. What did they find? In opposite-sex marriages in which women earned more, women said that they earned less than they actually did and their husbands said they earned more than they did.

Jorge Martinez, Vice President

Like the marathon runner who failed to properly prepare for the long-distance haul, brands often train more for the shorter sprint. Multicultural marketing is a feat that takes a marathon commitment.

Matt Werner

Over the past decade, the beer industry has gone through a dramatic shift as craft beer has gobbled up market share at the expense of macro brands. While the craft beer scene provides the most convenient example of evolving consumer tastes, many other ca...