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Erika Hammer, Vice President

At C+R, we consider ourselves a bunch of smart people who have a passion for market research. But, even the best and the brightest can benefit from collaboration – and we do! Our organization is built on collaboration – both with our fellow C+R team members and with our clients.

We collaborated and put together five benefits to our collaborative culture, and why it works so well for us.  Hopefully it will work for you!

2019 Package Theft Statistics Report

E-commerce companies like Amazon have revolutionized the way consumers shop. Everything from hair care products to gourmet meals for your pet can be purchased online and delivered directly to your front door within hours. However, the convenience of online shopping can also come with unexpected drawbacks such as coming home to find out that your package has been stolen. 

Rachel Golberg

As I wrap up my internship at C+R Research, I’ve started to think back on all I’ve learned and experienced throughout these past five months. I came in intending to expand my marketing research knowledge but have achieved so much more. In addition to building on my technical skills, such as report writing and data visualization, I’ve learned how to manage research projects and foster successful client relationships effectively.

Derek Bertelsen, Senior Project Manager

The holiday we know as Halloween started as a pre-Christian Celtic festival called Samhain (a Gaelic word pronounced “sow-win”), annually held around the first of November to celebrate last day of harvest and to welcome in the dark half of the year. The Celts believe that, as we moved from the warmth of autumn to the chill of winter, the dead and the living worlds would overlap, and that goblins and ghouls would roam the earth again. So, dressing up as demons was a defense against any real demon you may encounter roaming the Earth; they would think you were one of them.

Alex Palermo, Vice President

We recently attended the Home Improvement Research Institute Summit (HIRI), where we learned about trends that are driving changes in the home improvement and construction industry.  One such trend is open, communal floorplans and outdoor spaces.

Zoe Honeycutt, Qualitative Project Coordinator

Organic has been a popular trend in the food and beverage space since the early 2000s when organically-raised fruits and vegetables first became widely available. Consumers, recognizing a connection between the environment and their health—and finding that organic produce tasted just as good as conventionally-raised, began to demand more. Today, nearly 20 years later, organic claims can be found throughout the grocery store, including in packaged foods like cereal, chips, and macaroni and cheese.

CB Pulse_June2019

CultureBeat PULSE: June 2019 | Issue 3

The CultureBeat® PULSE is an e-zine to keep you on the “pulse” of what’s relevant to today’s multicultural consumers. Each issue is a curated group of topics that focus on the happenings in our society and marketplace and, most importantly, why it matters to your brand and your company. 
In this issue of the CultureBeat® PULSE, we celebrate Pride Month and spotlight cultural inclusion. You'll read: