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Alex Palermo, Vice President

We recently attended the Home Improvement Research Institute Summit (HIRI), where we learned about trends that are driving changes in the home improvement and construction industry.  One such trend is open, communal floorplans and outdoor spaces.

Zoe Honeycutt, Qualitative Project Coordinator

Organic has been a popular trend in the food and beverage space since the early 2000s when organically-raised fruits and vegetables first became widely available. Consumers, recognizing a connection between the environment and their health—and finding that organic produce tasted just as good as conventionally-raised, began to demand more. Today, nearly 20 years later, organic claims can be found throughout the grocery store, including in packaged foods like cereal, chips, and macaroni and cheese.

CB Pulse_June2019

CultureBeat PULSE: June 2019 | Issue 3

The CultureBeat® PULSE is an e-zine to keep you on the “pulse” of what’s relevant to today’s multicultural consumers. Each issue is a curated group of topics that focus on the happenings in our society and marketplace and, most importantly, why it matters to your brand and your company. 
In this issue of the CultureBeat® PULSE, we celebrate Pride Month and spotlight cultural inclusion. You'll read:

Anna Rossi, Senior Analyst

LGBTQ—it’s a lot of letters to remember, but it actually has fewer syllables than “heterosexual.” It may seem overwhelming to see those letters pile up, and it seems that the order or the number of letters keeps changing, but it’s all with good reason. The term LGBTQ is meant to represent an incredibly diverse and multicultural group of people, with each letter standing for one of many identities; so, there’s a lot packed into them! Those letters have a big job to do!

Jorge Martinez, Vice President  |  Patricia Fernandez, Vice President

Two hundred times. That’s how many times I had to write the word “hasta” (“to” or “until” in English) in first grade so that I’d remember a silent H is its first letter. My mother made me do it (multiple times) so that I would later write and spell properly in Spanish and so that it wouldn’t be confused with “asta” which means “pole” (as in what you find holding a U.S. flag). I dreaded it then, but I thank her now for her tenacity—ensuring I learned and respected the language that became the vehicle to express our love for each other.

Amy Schreiner, Quantitative Research Intern

My internship at C+R Research has been one for the books! I have loved experiencing Chicago and the great culture of this qualitative and quantitative research company. My focus for this summer internship was on quantitative research services.

Taylor Harvath, Quantitaive Research Associate

Last summer, I started a market research internship at C+R Research focusing on quantitative research services. That experience was the springboard to my career as a researcher. I look back now at the value of the experience from my internship coupled with the professional maturity that I am continuing to develop in my current role as an associate analyst. I have gotten the chance to work on multiple teams and gain a better perspective of the industry as a whole.