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Mary McIlrath, Senior Vice President

Most of the news this spring has been very serious. Like crocuses and tulips, we’ve seen a few tongue-in-cheek terms break through the “soil” of the news cycle (and we may have made up several). You may want to start using them on your “BS Bingo” play-at-home games, or just introduce them to your colleagues.

Alex Palermo, Vice President

As I write this, we are in the midst of a national emergency and a global crisis. Societal shifts that would have seemed unfathomable a few weeks ago are now the new norm. It’s no longer a question of whether this pandemic will have a lasting impact but for how long and what kind of impact it will have. It’s as if we’ve all been asked to pause and hit the reset button on our daily lives, only to hope to find some semblance of normalcy when this is all said and done.

Erika Hammer, Vice President

A lot has changed in 10 years.  In 2010…

  • The first iPad was introduced, and we were only on iPhone 4
  • Instagram had just been created; Facebook still dominated
  • The Saints won their first Super Bowl
  • The Affordable Care Act was signed into law

And, there hasn’t been another census since then. Maybe not a big deal to everyone, but in an industry where we rely on knowing the population, the census is important!

Steve Stallard, Senior Vice President

It goes without saying that we are all worried about the Coronavirus (COVID-19)…duh. What will happen in the stock market? How is this going to impact my life, my work, my family? These are the types of questions that are unanswerable today. 

So, how do these concerns impact the research we are doing, or considering, right now in this ‘Coronavirus Context? If behaviors and attitudes are affected (which they are), what concerns does this raise in the research we’re doing?

When I think of the research considerations in this context, two major items come to mind: 

Shaili Bhatt, Senior Director

Someone breaks into a deep cough on a crowded street corner. Another person sneezes on a train. Everyone stares.  We are living in the era of the novel coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19. There are still many unknown factors of this disease, including how contagious it is, and when there might be a solution for global containment.

Zoe Honeycutt, Qualitative Analytical Support Specialist

With the beginning of a new year (and decade) comes the inevitable slew of articles predicting what trends will influence consumers’ habits in 2020. There’s a dizzying array, many of which don’t seem like news at all.  Here’s our take on what could have the biggest impact on consumer behavior and spending in the coming year.

Erika Hammer, Vice President

At C+R, we consider ourselves a bunch of smart people who have a passion for market research. But, even the best and the brightest can benefit from collaboration – and we do! Our organization is built on collaboration – both with our fellow C+R team members and with our clients.

2019 Package Theft Statistics Report

E-commerce companies like Amazon have revolutionized the way consumers shop. Everything from hair care products to gourmet meals for your pet can be purchased online and delivered directly to your front door within hours. However, the convenience of online shopping can also come with unexpected drawbacks such as coming home to find out that your package has been stolen.