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Techniques That Involve the Whole Person

We conduct interviews individually in the home, in-store, online or anywhere that will provide you with an intimate glimpse into your customers' motivations, behaviors and needs. Our skilled moderators are deliberate in their interview methods, crafting creative exercises that push the interviewee to tell stories, use memories, share experiences, and even symbolic imagery that reveals insights beyond what’s on the surface.

They employ creative and projective exercises that often involve the five senses of sight, sound, taste, touch, and aroma to drill deeper. By using metaphors, we conduct productive in-depth interviews that offer much richer, deeper insights for our clients who are looking to better understand their consumers or the businesses with whom they are trying to work.

In-depth Interviews for B2B Research

In-depth interviews are especially effective for B2B Research. When you want to better understand the details of a decision-maker’s position and practices in a specific company or industry, an in-depth interview is extremely efficient and valuable for gaining insight into the persona of your target customer.


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