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We bring decades of cross-generational research experience to the table. Over the years, we've conducted research both within and across age cohorts and have developed a keen understanding of each group's behaviors and values.

Whether your business growth depends on Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, or Gen Z, we provide the information and insights that help you make smart decisions.

Understand Boomer Behavior

For decades, Baby Boomers were the sought-after generation for many companies across many industries. Understanding their motivations and behaviors is just as relevant today as it was in the past. They are in a phase of their lives where their children have left home, and many are entering retirement. Baby Boomers are shedding the empty nester stereotype, using their freedom to engage with family and friends, travel, and make purchase decisions that focus solely on themselves; we've coined these Baby Boomers "Free Birds."

With reliable savings, Free Birds are healthy and living longer, and this is redefining how brands market to them If Baby Boomers are your target audience, our cross-generational research team can help you navigate this important demographic.

Get into the Minds of Millennials

Millennials are currently the largest generation of adults and have commanding wallet power . Compared to the generations before them, they are also a much more diverse audience, both ethnically and culturally, but also based on lifestage. This one generation includes college students, young adults living at home, those living on their own for the first time, new parents, experienced parents, and those excelling in their careers. Furthermore, their shopping habits, media usage, communication styles, and interaction with brands, via social media and online reviews, differs from previous generations.

Our clients come to us when they need to understand Millennials because we know and understand this generation. Through our YouthBeat® division, we have been researching and consulting on this consumer cohort since they were just entering grade school. We have been studying their habits, behaviors, attitudes and influencers throughout their childhood and into adulthood. We understand that, like all generations, Millennials have a unique identity in the marketplace, and we help our clients get past the stereotypes to truly connect with these consumers.

Don't Fall Behind with Gen Z

Many companies were behind in recognizing the importance of conducting research with, and developing marketing strategies against Millennials. Now, is the time to be thinking about Gen Z (also known as Post-Millennials, iGeneration and others). With approximately 11,000 Gen Z teens turning 18 every day, this generation is quickly entering adulthood. Their interactions with social media and what they're looking for from brands is different than Millennials, and we have the data to help companies start understanding this audience now so they can develop successful brand and marketing strategies.

Because of our heritage with Millennials and our expertise with Gen Z, C+R and YouthBeat can help your brand understand how to meet both generations' diverse needs. The data we have acquired through YouthBeat® enables us to look at what Millennials were doing when they were teens versus what Gen Z teens are doing today, in addition to understanding the rhythms of the lives of preschoolers, kids and tweens. We have a unique ability to help our clients think about what Gen Z consumers will be like as they start to become more responsible for purchasing decisions.

And, for clients with long-term strategies or preschool consumers, it's already time to be looking beyond Gen Z to "Generation Alpha." Born starting in 2010, their environment and needs are already distinct. Our YouthBeat Jr. service focuses on this upcoming generation.

We Deliver More than Data. We Provide Actionable Insights.

Our cross-generational experts can provide you with syndicated data on a specific generation of interest, or provide incremental value in your proprietary research through our deep understanding of each generation.

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