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Make Business Decisions Based on Your Shopper's Perspective.

We know that behind every shopper's experience is a story. Store aisles are teeming with stories. They are ever-present -- describing how shoppers respond to economic times, brand loyalty, critical touch points and influences, evolving trends and the rise of alternative shopping channels. They tell of the nuances of what is wanted versus what is needed, and they are as innumerable as they are varied. Our shopper insights division, ShopperEyes®, helps clients understand the shopping experience from a shopper's perspective, whether it's brick and mortar or e-commerce.

ShopperEyes®, is dedicated to bringing out these stories by getting to the hearts, minds and wallets of your shopper. We understand that there are several constituencies for shopper solutions, so we focus on the relationships among the shopper, category and retail environment (brick and mortar/e-commerce).

Insights at each step of a Shopper's Journey

In order to understand the shopper experience and journey, you need to understand it from a 360-degree perspective; our job is to help you answer the tough questions at each stage of your shopper's journey.

Our ShopperEyes® 360-Degree Framework

  • Context - In-home dynamics, Mindset, Needs and Motivation
  • Pre-plan - Influences, Touch points, List-making, Planned vs. Unplanned, Research, Consideration set
  • Shopping - Store/e-store choice, Shopper path, Store/site optimization, Delighters and Barriers
  • Point-of-Purchase - Shelf presence, Purchase drivers, Line/product/page optimization, Promotions, POS, Signage
  • Post-Purchase - Product fulfillment, Satisfaction, Loyalty and Retention, Sharing/Recommendations

Our flexible and customizable suite of research solutions is well-suited to provide insights around your specific business needs, such as:

  • Shopper marketing programs
  • Point-of-sale communication
  • Shelf designs and adjacencies
  • Store/category reinvention
  • Shopper- and occasion-based targeting
  • P2P framework mapping and planning
  • Website navigation

Some examples of our methods and approaches to gain Shopper Insights include:


  • Ethnography in-store, in-home
  • Unobtrusive hands-free video observation
  • Motion detection video cameras
  • Online/mobile video shopping/digital behavior


  • Shopper intercepts
  • Photo/video journals/diaries
  • Shop-alongs
  • Mobile Shopping Missions
  • Live Mobile Ethnographies/Shop-Alongs
  • Online communities
  • Eye tracking
  • Facial Coding


  • Segmentations
  • Communication tests
  • Package design tests
  • Shelf-set assessments
  • Virtual Shopping/Shelf sets
  • Shopper profiling
  • Shopper intercepts
  • Decision trees
  • Shopper path to purchase

Our ShopperEyes® division is often supported by our Advanced Analytics team, utilizing approaches such as:

  • Latent Class Segmentation - to identify the behaviors related to shopping in category,
  • Max-Diff scaling - to identify the relative importance of different touchpoints, features in the category, etc.,
  • Regression analysis - to identify the key drivers of channel choice purchasing

These tools help us identify moments in which personal context and the available choices to shoppers come together to influence purchase decisions.

Deliverables Provide Deep Perspective

Ultimately, shopper insights should connect the shopper, category, brand and retail environment in a way that drivers results. We ensure that insights can be translated into practical action, thereby creating a win-win for shoppers, the brand, and retailers. This is the heart of our approach.

Given the diversity of stakeholders with whom results are shared, we look to deliver the shopper's story in both traditional and non-traditional formats such as infographics, sizzle reels and live panels.

We also conduct interactive workshops for your cross-disciplinary team to explore and converge on shopper opportunity areas.

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