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Are you struggling with any of the following questions?

  • How do I better design my shelf?
  • What are critical touchpoints to include in my marketing plans?
  • What are key barriers for the shopper that I need to help them overcome?
  • What are the best promotions and merchandising to influence purchase decisions?
  • How do my shoppers navigate online?

We can help you address these business questions as well as others by sending consumers on a shopping assignment to better understand how they shop, their decision processes, touchpoints, influences, and barriers.

Understand the shopping experience from a shopper's perspective.

We help you evaluate the shoppers' experience as it's happening. What sets us apart from other research agencies is our use of innovative technology to not only capture in-the-moment insights and the context around the shopper, but also to draw out the shopper's reflections on the moments that matter most - giving you deeper, richer insights.

We offer multiple approaches

Our approach for shopper missions is dependent on your business needs.

We can conduct a short survey via a mobile app and leverage current technology so that participants can upload photos and videos, scan product barcodes, and through geo targeting, we can identify the most relevant points of influence to leverage.

If there is a greater need for in-depth understanding of the shopper mission, we may have shoppers use an app on their mobile devices to submit their thoughts in real-time, then provide follow-up feedback in an online community.

If you are looking to better understand e-commerce, we also have tools for digital missions.

We can do Webcam interviews to drill down into how consumers shop online via mobile or computer. This method also allows us to have two-way interaction and it is a quick and easy way to have in-depth conversations with shoppers, along with having them demonstrate their online behavior.

Web usability tools enable us to monitor and record participants as they perform specific shopping tasks online via mobile or computer.  We simultaneously capture video of their facial expressions from the front-facing camera and can observe what's happening on their screens. Shoppers also provide a voice-over of their "inner monologue" including rationale, likes and dislikes, breakthrough, motivation, barriers, persuasion, and overall user experience.

Our flexibility, creativity and arsenal of tools set us apart from others!

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