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Consumers: In Their Worlds Everywhere

As consumers adopt, and continue to transform to new ways of communicating online, C+R has evolved its methodologies to keep pace. We've mastered the intricacies of immersing with consumers online to truly understand the emotions and contextual behaviors associated with our clients' products and services.

Through online qualitative research, we’ve learned from consumers in a new way. We are now able to talk with consumers across the country and the world. And, we are now able to see into their worlds without leaving our desks. These private online conversation help solicit unbiased opinions and behaviors that elicit true, honest feedback.

C+R's in-house team of storyologists, comprised of multimedia and creative staff, is skilled at turning raw video footage into a video story that highlights our learnings in an engaging and compelling way. These video stories are a perfect way to engage your broader audience in the findings.

At The Forefront

C+R has been at the forefront of qualitative research for nearly 60 years. Over a decade ago, began our journey with online qualitative when it was in its very early stages when very few offerings existed. Our qualitative acumen, and excitement about the possibilities to learn from consumers in a new way, has led us to embrace the method as one of our fundamental qualitative offerings. In fact, C+R has a special division within our qualitative practice dedicated to online immersive research.

New Tools & Techniques

To stay at the forefront of online qualitative we have, and continue to vet all new tools and techniques as they become available. We’ve conducted our own research on research on various platforms and have the knowledge to pick the platform that best suits the needs of your research.

Team Engagement Practices

We’ve developed best practices for client engagement, whether you and your team have a little or a lot of time to dedicate to observing the online discussions as they unfold.

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