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At C+R Research, we understand that when a company launches a new product or service, the marketing strategies and tactics must evolve alongside the product/service as it progresses through its lifecycle. Each phase in the lifecycle requires different types of market research to make the product/service a success.

No matter which stage of the product lifecycle you’re in,
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understanding the marketplace

This phase happens before you develop and launch your product and usually involves exploratory research, assessing the competitive landscape for white space opportunities, identifying key segments to name a few.  

develop new products / services / opportunities

This phase ensures that you are developing products and services that people want and will buy!

Inform messaging and advertising

Your brand’s persona and messaging need to be consistent and compelling across all forms of communication and touchpoints.  Building an emotional connection with consumers helps ensure that your brand is remembered and relatable.

Maintaining strong brands

A lot is riding on the success of your brand; in order to guide your brand strategy, you need to know where your brand stands in the marketplace – its strengths, weaknesses, loyalty, etc.

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