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A Timely Discussion About the Shopper Journey

In the next Emerge Smarter webinar, we’re excited to bring together a panel of our Shopper Insights thought leaders to discuss how the shopper path to purchase continues to evolve as physical and d


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Testing Early Stage Creative?

Testing Early Stage Creative: Here's How to get it Right. And Get it Right Now.

March, 2014

Join us for a supercharged methodological overview of C+R Research's CopyIQ, an innovative online qualitative and quantitative approach to evaluate creative that cuts time, cost and uncertainty out of the process.

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Omni-Channel Marketing | Creating The Seamless Shopper Journey

Omni-Channel Marketing: Creating the Seamless Shopper Journey

February, 2014

How has this omni-channel retailing and marketing impacted shoppers? In this webinar, we provide you with a beacon for navigating your shoppers' journey.

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From "ME, ME, ME" to Mommy | The Shifting Story Of Millennial Motherhood

Making the Connection with Millennial Moms

January, 2014

If you're concerned with connecting with today's families or kids, tweens and teens, Millennial Moms are a unique subgroup of parents that matter. This youngest group of moms represents just one aspect of today's overall motherhood mix, but they are makin

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Digital Qualitative: The Next Generation

Digital Qualitative: The Next Generation

December, 2013

Are you looking for new approaches and techniques to impact your online qualitative research project? We give an in-depth look at the latest technology, tools and trends for online qualitative.

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Exploring Brand Affinity Across Generations And Ethnicities

Exploring Brand Affinity Across Generations and Ethnicities

November, 2013

C+R Research investigates the dynamics of brand affinity across multicultural and generational divides. You'll learn how Hispanic and Gen Pop consumers form brand loyalty in several CPG categories, how these loyalties differ across generational lines, and what it all means for your brand.

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Hispanics And The Holidays

Hispanics and The Holidays

October, 2013

Ever wonder how Hispanics celebrate American holidays? Want to know what they're buying for various holidays and why? We present a snapshot of Hispanic traditions, their shopping habits and holiday cultural differences.

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Navigating The Murkey Waters Of Boys, Girls & Gender Right Now C+R Webinars

Navigating the Murky Waters of Boys, Girls and Gender Today

August, 2013

For marketers, gender complexity can muddy the waters, making the best strategic choices related to communication, design and content less clear. Understanding how today's youth perceive and relate to gender and gender roles can make the difference between sinking or swimming in the youth and family marketplace.

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Online Communities

10 Best Practices to Maximize Your Ongoing Online Community

July, 2013

Usage of long-term online research communities is on the rise. However, sometimes you may struggle with the best way to effectively maximize ongoing online research communities, juggling to keep your stakeholders engaged with an abundance of research projects, engagement activities, and communications.

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