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Qualitative Methods

Our qualitative methods enable clients to authentically see and feel things from the respondent's point of view. When our clients can build a deep sense of empathy; when they are able to "get behind the curtain" and internalize the respondent's point of view, it helps them make smart business decisions and allows them to design products and services for the consumers and shoppers they care about. Our approach to qualitative research helps them think like consumers/shoppers, giving them better instincts for making more successful decisions for short-term and long-term goals.

Moreover, we don't just submit research findings to our clients. We also create immersive experiences that generate long-term empathy and actionability. Whether it's participating in a scavenger hunt with respondents at a zoo, ideating with creative consumers, or developing strategy in a workshop with internal team members, we offer our clients a range of activities that allow them to cement learnings of their target population and activate against the knowledge they gain.

Innovation Sets Us Apart

We were among the first research companies to take qualitative into the digital space. We continue to evolve and invent new methods, creative techniques, and reporting tools, from online FlashQual to Emoji Emotion Elicitation to Video Snap Story reports.

No other research company does qualitative research quite like C+R. We look at our client's needs and design a unique approach that often involves a mix of qualitative, quantitative, and syndicated methods. We know which efforts are needed and have the capability to dovetail these methods to obtain the most useful results and bring them life with a clear and concise story. In offering a range of custom methods from focus groups to mobile shop-alongs to long term communities and everything in between, our qualitative toolbox is more than the sum of its parts.